This site is a culminations of many articles, lessons and knowledge collections Studying the interesting (and sometimes infamously known science) called Social Dynamics.

What is Social Dynamics?

According to Merriam-Webster, it is defined as “a branch of social physics that deals with the laws, forces, and phenomena of change in society”

A much more interesting and (albeit), more provocative definition can be found within a subculture known as the PUA (Pickup Artist) community, where many individuals have made a name for themselves after the infamous title, The Game, by Neil Strauss came to press nearly a decade ago in 2005 bringing to light, many individuals who were making a lucrative living ‘coaching’ and teaching ‘Boot camps’ to seemingly desperate men looking to level the playing field with attracting and bedding women.

There are so many blogs, books, videos online that I simply could not do justice trying to capture the essence of this subculture, other than to provide a starting point to discovery for others to learn what makes up this ecosystem.

While this site may make references to a number of leaned ideas, practices and techniques for approaching women, I do not personally practice and condone many of the more sketchy, abusive and deplorable techniques  that are practiced by many participants within the community itself. Rather, I have chosen to see many of the enlightening, interesting and good parts of many shared experiences and have incorporated them into my own style of how I choose to approach and pursue individuals I find intriguing and fun to learn about. Perhaps I should start a new ethical form of the community  😉