• A woman will “test” you to see how much she can get away with or to challenge your strength  of character. In the same way you are screening her for desirable qualities an attractive, an experienced woman has an idea of what she is looking for in a man.
  • If you fall at the hurdle by failing her tests or letting her cross boundaries, you will face an uphill struggle to turn the relationship sexual.
  • Once  you  have  displayed  that  you’re  a  pushover,  that  you  have  weak  boundaries  or  no  standards and expectations, she will instantly lose attraction for you.
  • By displaying your willingness to walk away you state you’re a high-value man who is pre-selected (you have other options), you have standards and expectations (you won’t accept negative
    behavior) and you have not put her on the pedestal most men put attractive women on.

The only reason a guy wouldn’t display a willingness to walk away is the fact he is scared of  losing her.

  • Displaying your willingness to walk away creates the emotion of scarcity, which is a powerful motivational force in advertising but also in dating.
  • If she feels she always has access to you or  she has you completely, the challenge is over. More importantly the urgency is lost. The motivational force for her to act now disappears.

A small caveat: In order for this to work effectively she must already be attracted to you and at least see you as having sexual potential. Start small and gradually build up.

 How to display your willingness to walk away:

  • Walking away and leaving her alone for short periods
  • If you’re at an art exhibition, wonder off and look at artwork without waiting for her.
  • Boundaries
  • Playful Disqualification—find a reason why the two of you won’t work that can be overcome.


Dating Fallacies


There is an overriding presumption that men are the chasers and women need to play hard to get. While this does coincide with basic human nature, it also creates unhelpful mindsets and frames in the dating process.

With this fallacy, women are seen as prizes to be won, so sex becomes a trophy that she can give to the man who competes and wins her affections. It’s under this presumption of “chaser” that the average guy plays, from a position of inferiority.

Attraction and intimacy are very difficult to generate when you’re the one chasing. To be hugely successful with dating you must change this presumption. Once changed, attraction is easier and sex occurs faster.


The average guy in modern society is afraid to be a man. He doesn’t embrace his masculinity and he doesn’t act according to his “core” nature as a male. In this, the definition of being a “nice guy” has been lost and altered.

Bear witness to the emasculation of the American Male!

A guy who can display attractive traits is a man in touch with his masculinity!

If she knows he is in touch with his “core” nature, If she knows he is in touch with his “core” nature.

The “nice guy” adopts a feminine stance,  looking  to  her  for  direction  and  putting  her  on  pedestal. This places  pressure  on  her and places her in a masculine role that she doesn’t want.

Nice guys become providers, neglecting themselves and not seeing a relationship as a two-way street.

Without having to earn anything in the relationship, the woman cannot get in touch with her feminine side. It’s almost insulting to her, and definiteitely not exciting.

Definitions of Successful Dates

A successful date ends with sex for the following reasons:

  • Sex is high-level investment for most women. Once sex has occurred, you’re given
    more room to maneuver and design the type of relationship that you want.
  • Unresolved sexual tension, if left too long—generally two or more meet ups—can make things awkward.
  • It aids in the bonding and development of the relationship
  • The risk of “fizzling out” diminishes
    • When you lose momentum and investment dwindles. Life seems to get in the
      way. And what could’ve been a potentially life enhancing relationship, dies a
      pathetic death.

However, you’ll find as you increase your options, you’re less concerned with  having sex on the first date. It’s a strange dynamic that you’ll understand with
time and experience.

There are a few things you should do over the course of the date:
1. Emotional Stimulation
Stimulate her with the widest possible range of positive emotions (and even some contrasting  ones – more on this later). Use your words, actions and the environment you’re in. This ensures the time spent with you will have an impact on her and stick in her mind.

2. The Physical Intimacy
You should become more intimate over the course of the date. Far too many dates end with the awkward kiss on the doorstep or in the car due to a lack of physical progression throughout the date.

Why is this important?
It makes it implicitly clear you have no intention of ending up in the friends’ zone. It also indicates you’re a sexually confident and proactive man. Remember, a woman doesn’t want to be responsible for her own seduction.

3. Deepening of the Emotional Connection
You should both feel as if you have dug past the superficial level and have begun to discover  each other more intimately. There should be a sense of familiarity and a closeness that comes  from spending quality time with someone where you’ve shared and received insight to each other’s world.

4. Sexualization
This is where you verbally set the stage for a sexual relationship. By making her comfortable with sexual topics you establish the frame “sex isn’t a big deal. It’s the most natural thing in  the world.” Like all of the steps above, this is a crucial one in developing a sexual relationship  and having a successful date.

Many of the problems men run into on dates stem from their acceptance of common dating  practices. They watch movies, read novels, hear “one-off” stories or worse… listen to women’s romanticized advice or follow outdated or inaccurate information about how a date should be.

The “nice guy gets the girl” story, purported by Hollywood movies, feeds on our fantasy to just be “seen for who we really are” without actually having to DO anything.

The reality is YOU have to be proactive on dates. If any magic is going to happen on the date, it will due to you whipping out and waving the magic wand.

Women do like guys who are nice, but only after those guys have shown their attractive traits.